Everything need to stop the bleeding!


6 weeks before:
- Cholera
- Hepatitis A + B

2 weeks before
- Tetanus / Polio
- Yellow Fever
- Meningitis

! get Vaccination Card !


Malaria Pills from South Africa to Egypt
Doxitab – to take every day and 26 days after leaving potential Malaria Zones.

Plenty of info on each country, these people also ship medicines all over the world WORLDWIDE PHARM

Yellow Fever, Rinderpes, Buile pes and Sore Feet
and what else.Can be obtained from Travel Clinics for
a couple of hundred rands.


Emergency Kit – What to pack?

anti septic cream
immodium (diarrhoe prevent tablets)
plaster + bandages
rehydration sachets
first aid dressings
headache tablets
ifodine (water purifying tablets)
Medication pack
Mosquito Stuff

an African motorcycle adventure, now into Europe.