Health insurance & first aid medical.

Everything to stop the bleeding!

There’s lots of information regarding health insurance for motorcycle riders and cross border trips on this page at Horizons Unlimited. It is advisable to read up as much as possible before deciding whether it is needed or with which company to go with.

Staying healthy on the road.

Some medical aids in South Africa offer travel insurance as part of their packages. It would be better to first start there. Our own medical aid covers us for 5 months away from home. In the end we have decided not to buy insurance as the cost was just prohibitively expensive.

What precautions you need for Africa travel:
6 weeks before:
– Cholera
– Hepatitis A + B
2 weeks before
– Tetanus / Polio
– Yellow Fever
– Meningitis
! get Vaccination Card !

Malaria pills:

Malaria Pills from South Africa to Egypt
Doxitab – to take every day and 26 days after leaving potential Malaria Zones.
Plenty of info on each country, these people also ship medicines all over the world WORLDWIDE PHARM

What to pack for as a motorcycle travel first aid kit:
  • Antiseptic cream
  • Imodium (diarrhoea prevent tablets)
  • Plaster + bandages various sizes: At least 1 x crepe (100mm) for pressure bandage and sling.
  • Rehydration sachets
  • First aid dressings
  • Headache tablets
  • Ifodine (water purifying tablets)
  • Medication pack
  • Mosquito Stuff

Suggestion only (Please consult with a medical practitioner should you have special needs)

• Salt Solution: 1 cup of boiled cooled water with 1 teaspoon (5ml) of salt: Clean wounds, sniff to clear sinuses and keep mucous membranes healthy
• Basic tummy stuff – diarrheic and rehydration solutions [sugar (1 teaspoon) and a pinch of salt with water (1cup boiled & cooled) works just as well], something for nausea …
• Headache tablets and anti-inflammatory tablets for pain and fever
• Heartburn/Indigestion medication – for those meals that rebel!
• Good general anti-bacterial, tropical, itch creams and antiseptic [ie Bactroban, these broad spectrum ointments can double up as an anti-bacterial and tropical]
• Hydro-Colloid Gel ie BurnShield/Solace
• FFriars Balsam– Antiseptic and stops blood on small wounds can also use as steam inhalation (with water) for tight chests and coughs
• Your regular chronic medication (if any)
• Anti-histamine ie Loratadine – helps for flu symptoms and allergies
• Malaria prevention (if necessary, you will need a pprescription ie Doximal (doubles up as light course of antibiotics)
• Probiotic tablets ie Interflora for treatment/prevention of diarrhoea
• Arnica Ointment/tablets for sprains, bruises and soft tissue injuries.


Medical kit for motorcycle travel




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