ITALY- We came for some wine and pizza PART 2 NOV- DEC 2012

Leaning tower of Pisa
Leaning tower of Pisa

I know it has been a long time since our last update but here goes. Riding into Rome we did not encounter any of the aggressive driving we were warned against. The riding was safer and easier than the mayhem in African cities. Drivers make way for motorcycles and are quite friendly towards bikers. We stayed with Andrea and his son Massimo in Rome. Andreas went to great lengths updating us on the places to see, routes to take and places to avoid. The evenings spend with him and his son was great fun. Continue reading

Italy- We came for some wine and pizza part1 Nov-2012

The Gran Bretagna docked late in the afternoon in Solerno, a small coastal town on the West coast of Italy. We have been sleeping and eating the time away on the Ro-Ro for 4 days since leaving Ashdod in Israel. Continue reading

Israel the land of milk and honey they say,…….expensive milk and honey….Part 1 Oct 2012

The border post from Egypt to Israel is no more than 30 meters, but the difference is enormous. One moment you are in Africa and 30 meters later you walk into Europe. Well not really, but that is how big the differences are between these countries.

The Israelis are seriously “paraat”* unlike the Egyptians and other African countries that looks “paraat”* but are more paranoid than “paraat”.

(*Paraat:  Ready/preparedness )

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After our stint in Ethiopia having to beg, kick and kill for petrol, we thought petrol would be an easier commodity to come by in Egypt. Well as it turns out, the Arab spring protest had a huge influence on the supply countrywide.

Petrol in Egypt normally cost around R3-00 (.30usd) per liter of petrol. For us as travelers, that is if you could get some, it was closer to R6-00 (.60usd) per liter. Yes, still cheaper compared to South African prices, but a poorer quality than ours. The bikes performance were more like cheap Chinese knock-off scooters.

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Penning our experience with Egypt took me some time. It’s got more to do with the aberrant manner of Egypt. Take caution not to become cynical about Egyptians and try and see the real Egypt and people. But let me tell you the story and you can decide for yourself. It’s a love hate affair. Sometimes more hate than love and a bit of a culture shock until one learn to deal with Egypt’s eccentric and quirky ways.

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an African motorcycle adventure, now into Europe.