4 Reasons not to visit Portugal.

4 reasons not to visit portugal

For a tiny country 900 years old and only measuring 1200km coastline by about 200km, Portugal packs a massive punch; for mind altering overland experience, a colourful crazy history, and house music loud extrovert fun people. Our initial plan – to rip up this country in a short 2 weeks travelling the coastline – ended up very close to a month crisscrossing the entire country.

But beware; all is not as it seems in Portugal. You should take note of the following!

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Fabuleux France

fabuleux france pikipiki
What a groovy feeling to actually park the Dakar that went all the way up Africa next to the Eiffel tower. Mangez bien, riez souvent, aimez beaucoup means: “Eat well, laugh often, love abundantly.”

Joie de vivre: Joy/happiness derived from life. Travelled 2013

Travelling Europe is not about struggling with motorcycles through soft sand like we did in Africa. Europe is an easy and very comfortable adventure. What Europe offers instead is an incredible rich history, architecture and diverse culture and heritage. Best experienced when exploring the backroads and rural villages. But most of all on a motorcycle it is also relatively cheap to explore and much more fun! The true France we saw was so much more rewarding, insightful, quirky with lots of French flair, romance and passion.

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BMW Welt museum – The one to visit!

germany-bmw welt-pikipiki (26)

 Photo essay of the spectacular BMW Welt. Get a drink and take stroll.

Impressive, mind-blowing, jaw drop, just some of the words that does not begin to describe the incredible size and magnitude of this auto maker museum visitors centre that BMW – Welt made possible. Everybody knows BMW, it’s like Coca-Cola they are everywhere. Only when wandering through the museum and visitors area does the reality of how much BMW has achieved over the years hit home. BMW has built a very long and rich history over the last century. Not just with cars but also motorcycles and at one stage aeroplane engines.

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Italian auto – Visual stimulation.

lamborghini museum italy (8)
This is rapper style rubber. Kraaifontein and Danville oke’s will give their front teeth for a set of these.

The lifestyle of the unemployed.

There’s those with unlimited funds, no boring 9 to 5ér. Those are the upper class crust who does not need to work, the well heeled life of the unemployed. The people who enjoy the lazy pampered life on a yacht in the Mediterranean or sipping on an espresso or wine spritzer on a Wednesday morning in Monaco.

For a brief moment a vicarious thrill into the life of the rich and their luxuries.

Travelling Italy there is just no way petrolheads can miss the region with the most visually stimulating bodies in the world. Motorcycles and car bodies! No other nation in the world can boast the kind of flair and sexapeal that the Italian brand of cars and motorcycles parade and with as much exclusive heritage. We were able to visit Vespa, Lamborghini, Ferrari and Ducati in one day.  There’s your average  BMW or Merc poverty spec new car smell and then there’s Ferrari and Lamborghini new car smell. Their smell is of the gods.  Continue reading Italian auto – Visual stimulation.

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5 Reasons why you should tour Italy by motorcycle. PART 2 NOV- DEC 2012

why you must travel italy by motorcycle
Leaning tower of Pisa, Italy.

I know it has been a long time since our last update, but here goes.

There’s probably an endless list of reasons why travelling Italy by motorcycle should be on any persons bucket list. For good measure I will list just five reasons.

We could not in our wildest dreams imagine the variety, cultural diversity and beauty of Italy. One great experience seduces you into the next with a bit of a feeling that resembles Alexithymia.

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Continued Motorcycle odyssey around the world

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